In the products tab, you will find a list of all products that you offer. You can add as many products as you want here. 

  1. Active tab - Add a product - with this button you add a new product.
  2. Archive - Here you have access to archived products. Archived products are all those products that you have removed from the main offer. They remain in the database, among others, due to orders associated with them. Archived products can be moved back at any time to the main offer.

The following 3 columns on the products table are worth to be explained a bit further:

  • In stock - If you limit the sale of a product, here appears a number indicating how many products are still available for sale (for example, you can have a limited edition salad with white truffle, and you can't sell more than 100 units; that's what it's for).
  • Sold - Information on how many products were sold in general.
  • Position - This index influences the order in which products are displayed on the main page.The higher the number, the higher the product is displayed on all lists.


You can delete a product at any time. However, a deleted product does not delete associated orders in the past. These products will not be active any longer and move automatically to the archive. They are not available in the current sale but you have insight into their history.

After entering the categories tab you have access to the list of categories created. These categories appear as sections on your offer page.

Categories can be freely added, edited, and modified. You don't have to change anything in the products. The added category will be visible on the product adding or editing tab.