Products - Add-ons

This section will teach you how to build a more complex offer connected with the products. Sometimes we want people to choose additional things like add-ons or freebies. To do that you can use an add-on option.

On the product adding/editing card you should expand the add-on section:

Firstly, you have to choose your add-on strategy

Add-ons limited:

This is how many add-ons a client can select as maximum. You can limit it or leave it unlimited

Force to select add-ons:

This is how many add-ons clients need to select before he can order a product.

With this strategy, you can easily build a complex offer. When you select your strategy, it's exactly the right time to add add-ons. You can add as many add-ons as you want:

There is one important thing to remember when adding add-ons. You can skip adding a price and leave it as 0. If you leave it like that people can select add-on

and they will not be charged for it. Free add-on. But if you define the price, the price of the order will change accordingly depending on choices.

That's how it looks for a client. The add-ons and prices will be presented in the cart and printouts