Marketing - Affiliates

Promotions are one of the key elements of sales development in delivery. With a set of affiliate tools, which are provided by our system, you can build a network of people or entities that can bring you a customer. Give a link or code to a local taxi company or hairdresser promising to share the profit if they bring a new client to you:

In order to configure affiliate marketing:

1) Go the marketing section

2) Choose affiliates from the list

Thanks to the affiliate program system, you can involve other entities in the promotion of your restaurant. By adding a partner, you generate a unique link that is used to invite potential customers.


Our system counts the number of customers brought over by your partner and calculates the commission on completed orders, which you can pay to him.


By adding a partner link, you can manually define the commission value from the brought customer as well as the time of the arrangements in force. After the indicated time, commissions will not be charged.



The functioning of the partner system embedded in the platform is based on tracking cookies of users who visited your site using the partner link.

Each tagged person has a cookie valid for 90 days. If such a person makes an order at that time, information about it is detected by the system and the commission is charged:


The system itself does not make payments to customers. Payments must be made by the restaurants themselves after agreeing on the method with the partner.


The creation of a hyperlink in the affiliate program is not the only element required in order to start an affiliate program. The affiliate program refers to the position in the OFFER. And the commission is calculated on the purchase of specific products.

In order to activate products in the affiliate program:

1) When editing products, enable the affiliate program option

2) Set the amount of commission charged.


In the above case, the user who purchases this item will receive EUR 15 in the affiliate program.

If you want the system to charge e.g. 10% from the entire basket in each product, we should set the amount of 10% of the price of a single product.

In this way, we can charge the partner commissions on the entire basket without including transport costs.