Delivery - Opening Hours

This part of the system is very important if you're building a complex way of ordering/delivering for your clients. Your restaurant can work with two strategies:


Always open:

Our system will allow placing an order anytime, with respect to your delivery/preparation time and realization day. Let's show you that with the example. For the purpose of this tutorial let's put delivery time 90 minutes and realization day to 0. Your client will be able to place the order anytime. When he places the order 90 minutes will be added. So if he's ordering food at 15:00 then he will place an order for 16:30. 

Select days and times:

This option is important if you want to add to the system the real hours you're in the kitchen. 

In this example, we set the real times of the restaurant operations. As you see we're working normally from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday we're working to 15:00 only and Sunday and Monday we are closed. The system will pick this up and allow people to place orders only in or for these periods so you will be finalizing the order only when you're at work. But there are more important things with this calendar that you should know:

The standard settings do not allow you to order when you're not working!

So this system can work with two different opening hours strategy. If you leave it like that without selecting "Allow ordering outside of opening hours" the system will allow placing an order only in a day you're operating. According to the example above you can place an order Wednesday between 12:00 - 22:00. Before or after these hours you will not be able to place any orders. It's just like in a regular restaurant, you're closed and nobody can come to you and ask for food. 

If you choose "Allow ordering outside of opening hours" you can take orders for the future:

But sometimes it's good to take orders for the future. That's why if you turn this in on

People will be able to select other days and times and order for the future. Of course with respect to your operating hours and delivery time

The working hours are strictly connected with delivery/preparation time and realization time in the delivery settings:

So if you set tat your delivery/preparation time is 60 minutes, then the system will allow taking orders with respect to that. If you're for example working wed until 22:00, the system, in this case, will allow placing an order at 21:00. After that hour the system will lock your interest and allow only to order for the future (if you set this as on)

Time range instead of exact time:

If you rely on other delivery services you can't be sure that the order will be delivered to a client at the specific hour he chooses. That's why we allow you to change it to "time ranges". To do that switch it here:

What does it mean?

It means that if your working hours are 12:00 - 18:00 the system will allow people to choose the ranges instead of time slots. In this case:

12:00 - 13:00

13:00 - 14:00 

14:00 - 15:00

and so on. This way you can tell people that their order will be delivered in a time range, not as a specific hour.

Days off:

You can add here the days that are planned to be excluded from the ordering system. Our system will not allow placing any order at the day even if it has different other settings