In order to configure delivery:

1) Go to the general settings

2) Choose delivery from the list

Delivery settings are an important element of the ordering system. Of course, you can keep the simplest form of delivery. However, if you want to have a comprehensive system, take a moment to configure these settings.

You have three types of delivery to choose from:

  • No delivery costs (known)
  • One price for each order
  • Different delivery prices

One price for each order:

  1. If you choose this option, the situation is very simple. The price of transport will be added to each order; this price will always be the same for every order regardless of the location in your city.
  2. You can also set free delivery for orders of the right value. Just enter the total value of the order needed for a free delivery here. Once that is reached, the delivery cost will not be charged.

Different delivery prices:

When you select different prices you can work with post-codes, cities or areas, to do that select your strategy:

If you want to see how the areas work go to another section of this wiki


If you choose this option, the system will not allow you to place an order for areas not entered in the system, unless you activate the delivery option for other locations