The clients section is a database of people who placed orders at your restaurant in the past. Customers are automatically added to the section after placing an order. You can also add customers manually.


This client list includes basic information related to when the client joined and how many paid orders they made. Thanks to that information, you have knowledge about customers who show special loyalty in your direction.

Every customer added to the system can log in to a personal account in your restaurant where they have access to their data as well as lists of current and archival orders:


How are these accounts created? In three ways:

  • The customer registers at your restaurant
  • The customer places an order and then creates an account
  • You add the customer data manually

Customer registration in the system:

The customer clicks the "Registration" option in the top menu on your offer page and registers the account by providing an email and password.

Registration after placing the order:

After placing the order, the customer is redirected to the order card where he/she can set the system password:



Just click "Set password" and give your password in a simple form:

Customers have access to their accounts at any time and you can benefit from their loyalty. After logging in, the customer does not have to provide delivery information each time; this is taken from their profile.

Automatic detection of regular customers:

Your system will automatically detect existing customers and direct them to your account if they have previously created them. If they did not set up an account but placed an order, the system will give the password.