Delivery - Options

The system is powered with a lot of options that help to design the delivery strategy that will work for your business. Here you will find an explanation of the options on the delivery card

Delivery time:

This is how long you think will take you to delivery the order

When the client places an order he can choose the ASAP option or choose a specific time of delivery (based on your settings). The system keeps you secured with the delivery time. The order can't be placed

if this time is not covered. For example, if you work until 18:00 the last order will be taken 16:30 (if you set delivery time to 90 minutes)

Realization time:

This is the delay if you disable taking orders on the same day

If you keep it 0, the system will allow you to take orders on the same day. If you set this for example to 2, the system will allow only for orders in the future, 2 days upfront orders. Use it if you want

to take only orders in advance.

Enable personal pickup:

This is the option that allows people to place an order for pick-up

When it's enabled people can choose between placing an order for delivery and pick-up. One of the important things here is the way people place orders for pickup! When they choose a pickup order they

will have to enter less information then delivery order. The only name, email, and the phone will be required.

Cost of personal pickup:

This is the amount of money that will be added to a basket when someone chooses a pick-up order. It can be a cost of packaging for example

Charge personal pickup cost per basket order:

If you want to add the pickup price per item in the basket. If you will have 5 items in your basket this price will be added 5 times

Payment for packaging upon delivery

If you want the pickup packaging price to be also added when you order for delivery choose that option

Minimum order value

If you want to set the minimum order value, you can do that here:

Remember that this will only be taken for delivery orders. Pickup orders are not having a minimum order value.

Allow only pickup without delivery

If you do not offer delivery just switch that button and only pickup and/or table orders will be available